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Points of interest

Most heating & air conditioning Technicians are not trained in gas fireplace service and repair

Make sure that the person working on your gas fireplace is trained and certified to work on gas fireplaces

Gas fireplaces that have pilot lights will work without electricity

Some gas fireplaces that have an electronic ignition (no standing pilot), have battery back-up systems and will operate when power is out

Gas fireplace manufacturers recommend an annual cleaning and inspection of all gas fireplaces

Dust, dirt, spiders, and pet hair can all affect how gas fireplaces run. These elements adversely affect efficiency, looks, and performance.

An improperly maintained gas fireplace can burn inefficiently

Water vapor is created when natural gas or propane is burned. This water vapor can eventually create a rust problem.

Painting the inside of the fireplace as needed solves this problem and improves the looks of the fire box.

It is recommended that the glass on gas fireplaces be cleaned at least once a year.

The white film that develops on the glass can permanently stain the glass if not cleaned.

Glass gaskets and door gaskets should be inspected for cracks and gaps. Carbon Monoxide can leak if not properly maintained.

When reinstalling glass make sure all fasteners are reinstalled correctly.

Glass incorrectly installed or chipped glass may break.

Log position is very important. The burner and log position are engineered as a system and work together.

The logs that are in your gas fireplace cannot be replaced with a different kind.

There are many sizes and shapes of pilot lights on gas fireplaces. However all pilot lights burn blue.

A large yellow pilot light indicates the gas fireplace needs servicing.

If your fireplace cycles off while being used, this usually indicates an electrical problem and not gas problem. This problem is easily corrected by a knowledgeable technician.

Gas fireplaces that have blowers generally need more service. Blowers can get very dirty.

Dirty blowers make more noise. Maintained blowers last longer.

Blowers are an option on many gas fireplace models. If your fireplace does not have a blower, we may be able to install one for you.

Gas fireplaces with blowers push more heat out into the room and heat a room quicker.

The area directly above the fireplace glass and mantel area gets hot. Blowers push the heat out away from these surfaces letting them stay cooler.

Wireless remote controls are a common option on gas fireplaces. Remote controls can perform basic on-off function or they can do a wide range of functions. All remote transmitters have batteries that should be changed once a year.

Some remote control systems have battery powered receivers. These batteries should be changed yearly also.